Peacework started in 1989 with a belief in the power of collaboration to build a better world. We started small, bringing together volunteer engineers from the U.S. and the Soviet Union to Esteli, Nicaragua in the wake of the Cold War to rebuild communities alongside displaced families. In that first project, we learned that the best way to make positive social change is through diversity  of sectors, cultures, and ideas  and we have been doing it ever since.

Now more than ever, our shared global challenges require the innovation of diverse voices. For over 25 years, Peacework has expanded the impact of creative collaboration in 25+ countries alongside academic institutions, corporations, government agencies, civil society organizations, and community leaders to accelerate positive social change. Actualizing the capacity for this kind of change and scale means bringing together the right people and the right resources, at the right time:

Peacework is that convener.
Our Vision | We are inspired by the change agent in everyone and believe that working together across cultures and sectors of society is the most powerful strategy for expanding personal, social, and economic opportunity.
Our Mission | We bring together dynamic agents of change from communities, academic institutions, and corporations to foster global awareness; apply their knowledge and skills for innovative solutions to global challenges; and ultimately empower people to support self-determination, ensure social justice, and expand economic opportunity.

Peacework 2014 | 620 N. Main Street, Suite 306, Blacksburg, VA, USA 24060 | +1 (540) 953 1376 | connect@peacework.org