Peacework is a 501(c)3 global nonprofit organization that engages communities, academic institutions, and corporations in innovative cross-sector solutions for sustainable development around the world and across seven development disciplines: agriculture, business, education, engineering, health, public service, and technology.

17 countries
70+ academic institutions
1 global corporate alliance
20,000 project participants
$23.7 million invested
1 million children reached

The partnership between Peacework and my community has been a very fruitful and mutual one. We have learned from our colleagues and they, too, have learned from us.

- Community Leader
The people of Peacework cultivate deep and meaningful relationships in the countries they are involved with and the level of trust they've earned from our Firm is remarkable.

- Director, Corp. Responsibility
Peacework has enriched my college education in a way no other experience could have. I have made amazing memories and connections and have learned the importance of responsible and sustainable service.

- Student
  Ohio State University
The dedication of our friends from Peacework really taught me a great lesson that even small things you do for others makes a big difference and has an unforgettable social impact.

- Community Leader
This experience has taught me to be a better global citizen. Peacework has inspired me to give back to communities for the right reasons while considering long term, sustainable impact.

- Human Resources Leader
Peacework gave me the my first opportunity to work in an international setting, building my management, communication, and leadership skills in new ways.

- Graduate Student
  Clinton School for Public Service
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